Single Souls: How to Handle Being Single - Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim


  1. The women that i came across are putting themselves up on social media for every guy to see. She chose career over marriage and really dont want to get married the only reason they do is not for the sake of ALLAH its due to social pressure. The dont want to have kids either for the sake of ALLAh but they do it to compete with the other female friends. So basically getting married today is more of a pretend game that everything is okay.

  2. Nah. I think I better remain single forever till death. With the sins I've committed and the stupid things I've done, I fear having a woman in my life will destroy her. So I dua that my future wife, if I even have one, being married to a better man and have a good life. That would be for the best.

  3. Do you think if a person was supposed to be married, they would be married?
    I keep having the same argument with my mother. She keeps saying to go back to my home country to find a husband. As I have had disappointment after disappointment where I'm currently residing, no success. I refuse to go.
    I said to her "if I am meant to be married no matter where I am in the world, I would be married"… I don't want to go chasing something.
    She keeps pressuring me & telling me "you're 28yrs old. You are waisting your life away."
    It's not how it feels to me though. It feels like this is what Allah wants for me.
    It hurts that she says that.

  4. salam, may i ask who the reciter in the beginning before brother yahya appears? the one that does the isti'atha. please post name or direct us to links of his recitations. Beautiful voice masha Allah

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