So Worried About Being Single Forever That You Forget To Love Yourself


  1. Can you do a video on suicide? As a 33 year old single male who's been rejected by most people in this world, I think about suicide everyday. I often see couples and feel sad and depressed.

  2. Sorry to interrupt you Sasha but you are totally wrong in this matter. True love comes during storm not in sunshine and what is the use of such a love who even can't entre our ife on must needed timeline. How much precious or glorious a thing could be but if we get it late we will never be truly happy or satisfied with that. There is no need of an umbrella after we gets soaked in the rain.

  3. Great Video! Before you get in A Relationship you have to be happy with yourself and enjoy life. Stay Positive with who you are. Don't settle. Believe you'll come across someone special on God's time. Waiting patiently for love is worth it. You're so right, Flaws don't define you. Always believe in yourself. Can you do a video on Interracial Relationships and Marriages working out? I'm an advocate for it.

  4. Good morning! I really appreciate all of your videos of inspiration and encouragement. I'm a 43 year old man who is constantly struggling with low self-esteem and self worth. I've realized that I never had a single friend all my life. I've been married 3x, all ending with them divorcing me. I'm a genuinely sincere and caring person, but after constantly being rejected my entire life, it's weighing on me heavily. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I don't expect an answer, I just wanted to vent to someone. Thanks…

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