Tanya’s Being Single-Shamed! | On Air With Ryan Seacrest


  1. I’m with Tanya 100%. It has happened to me in the past. People sometimes make you feel bad because they have kids and they are busy. THATS THEIR PROBLEM!!!!

  2. It’s like me paying taxes in the high bracket bcz I work my tushies off but I can’t even drive in the car pool lane and yet all those married and parental people get to drive in those carpool lanes. The next time they want last minute meetings, Tanya should tell them that she has to pick up Patty’s kids. Sing;w shaming is real Ryan!

  3. Tanya, I totally agree with you. Just because my plans mostly involve one person (me), doesn't mean they are less valid. If I have a day planned or an activity, no I won't change my plans to fit YOUR schedule. Now work can sometimes be different, but in personal matters, I feel you. I get the same thing ALL the time.

  4. As someone who has been single for over a decade, I know what single shaming is. That isn't it! You can always move working out or a wax appointment. Work meetings are more important than that. Work is what's paying for your wax appointments and gym membership!

  5. Here is a tip. Don't tell them why you can't make it. Just say I have prior appointment scheduled. Personal reasons. Don't explain too much. Personal time is separate from work time.
    Moms with kids is poor excuse too. They need the job to feed their kids. Make arrangements someone else to pick up the kids. Changes can be made either way.

  6. I happened to come across this online, first time I've ever seen Ryan on his radio show – FANTASTIC!!!
    So different from Live with Kelly & Ryan.
    ….and now I follow 🙂

  7. I understand Tanya's POV. Having kids is a choice and it has its own benefits. Tanya doesn't get those benefits. Being single is a choice and having workout out time is her benefit. If tanya had a therapy session, I think she would have been taken more seriously. Its kind of unfair that Tanya has to give up her benefit (like skipping her session) but the parents keep their benefits. Work should treat everyone with similar understanding.

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