Tapping For Loving Being Single!


  1. I'm newly single as of two days ago and this is so helpful! I asked the Universe to send me a teacher today to show me how to move forward and I found this….Your wording with the tapping was exactly what I needed to hear….You are a gifted healer and consciousness bringer! Thank you Gala!

  2. Omg this tapping knock me off , I was falling as sleep while doing the tapping and after the tapping was done I fell into a deep sleep and didn't woke up the whole night.

  3. This was SO good, will be returning to this on the reg. I've been single for a while and had forgotten to really go in with filling up my life with amazing experiences – this session was a kick in the pants to get back to it. Thank you!

  4. I love this <3 thank you so much. I was hoping I could put in a request for you to do a video on tapping for clear skin? a couple of months ago I went off birth control in attempt to be more in tune with my body. But its caused the worst break outs of my life, and haven't been able to take control of it. I know I'm doing everything right from eating the right foods/ taking supplements/ to having a skin care routine but it still continues to break out. I really want peace of mind that it will get better.

  5. I am so incredibly thankful for you Gala and these videos that I feel like you're just pulling out of my head and onto the screen!! More tears with this one but ended up feeling so so good and loving – you are a complete GODDESS! Thanks so much Big Love xx

  6. Thank you Gala, what a beautiful, thoughtful and loving gift you gave to us with this Valentine's Day tapping series. I really enjoyed this tapping session today and the self love message you send. You really inspire Radiating(Self) Love. Thank you XoX

  7. Thanks for posting! I would love to travel more in the near future and having a partner to go with would be awesome, but when I travel solo I get to plan my own trip and come and go as I please!

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