The Awesome Untold Advantages of Being Single - Dating Advice


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  2. If my ex started to send me like hidden msgs in whatsapp status should i open it and show him that i already read it or not.. We broke up since one and half month after four years and i am trying not to contact him and started to post new posts at instgram

  3. Thanks Dr Antonio. My pet hate is people trying to match-make me with some desperado they know. Ive had to tell them that being single is not a disease i need to be cured of! It makes my blood boil! I prefer being single.

  4. Been single for years and yes it does get lonely but i also feel like i have learned to balance myself out. At the same time i also do feel like i am missing on a lot but i don't just want to jump into a relationship just because.

  5. I don't want to be single at 49. I want a partner. I'm successful in so many other things but having my life partner. Some of my peers/classmates have been happy with their partners for 25 to 35 years. Two cousins and I all graduated from high school in 1987. One cousin met her husband when she was 5 in kindergarten. The other met her husband 27 years ago. It's actually painful etc. being alone when I always wanted to be married and have a family of my own but it didn't happen. I just knew I felt that way since 4 years old and no one could convince me otherwise.

  6. My boy asks me to end my relationship with my friends, no matter what their sex is, Should I obey? I feel like he is controlling me, And he always make me to choose him vs a friend! it is the second time he asked so and I dont know what to reply!

  7. why is there even a dating industry for women, why do women need help on knowing or learning how to meet men when women don't have to do any approaching on their end or initiate anything?

  8. Thank you for Appreciating Us..😇
    because I love me..❤️
    And I love to being Single And Spend Time With My Family..🤗
    Just Because I'm Single, I can do Everything What I want what I love..❤️❤️
    Thank you Sir..😍

  9. Wow you look awesome in this video!!
    Freedom is priceless but it is great to find the right person to share your time with
    Merry Christmas Antonio
    And a Happy New Year with interesting videos
    A hug

  10. I’m usually with my family like relatives. Why don’t you give us tips about managing relationships and people who have a disability? Disabled people are interested to know how to date and have relationships too.

  11. I wish online dating was not so widely promoted. Personally I don’t care for it and feel it to be very discouraging when you see the same dudes on the sites for years!! But I guess that’s the world we live in now.

  12. Happily single here. I use to hate being single. Not anymore. I’ve accomplished so much more being single compared to when I was married or in a relationship prior to. I am not looking for a relationship. If it happens, cool. If it doesnt, cool.

    1. Save money! (I like this one a lot especially when having goals to meet!)

    2. Less drama = less stress (another good one!)

    3. You get to do anything you want without having to check with someone or coordinate schedules.

    4. Meet new people (potential dates and if those dates don’t work out, then you’ve added a new friend to your life)

    5. Take classes, courses, etc to better your life and income.

    6. Focus on self improvement (mentally, emotionally and physically)

  13. Love being single better than spending time with people I dont like. We live in a couple society which is what makes it hard. The truth is being single is great.Its about freedom and hope not trapped.

  14. Hello, Dr. Antonio. I am watching your video, it"s 4.30 am. in my country, thank you so much for the positive energy. I am single and I am happy. This will be the first great holyday after having a toxic marriage for the last 10 years. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

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