1. The best decision i ever made was not getting married and having children lived with women and almost lost my sanity in the process having her not have sex and just be an all around bitch after her it will never happen again easier to just pay for it i got my vasectomy 2 years ago and when im with a chick ill never tell her i had one

  2. I am single and alone in my own house. I make good money and own my own company. I also make money on line. I am just waiting for this corona 19 😈 drama to stop to go back and fourth to Puerto Rico 🌴 😎. No A hole women to take care of playing her new daddy isn't a option

  3. I appreciate you my Beloved Brother Blackram and the sessions you provide for us thinking men. I highly value my singleness which affords me the precious opportunity to prepare myself (without distraction and unnecessary entanglements) for either marriage or lifelong singleness or commonly called celibacy.

  4. I’m in progress of getting my own space, building my website and just realizing I have all the time to do what I want and when I want. And my ex is desperately trying to stay “involved” smh.

  5. you sign/give away ALL your powers when you get into a marriage contract with a woman bruh FREE AGENT LIFESTYLE 4 LIFEEEEEEEEE!!! Coach gang in the building smash the like button 😂 👍

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