The Real Truth About Being Single


  1. You seem like a nice guy, so I hope you take this constructively: As a woman who was in computer science this being annoyed by the lack of women because you want a girlfriend is one of the reasons why there are so little women in computer science. Because honestly being seen as potential girlfriend rather than fellow scientist is shit. It's a form of sexism. And talking about that like you do, like that is normal, only makes this firm of sexism even more normal, even if you don't mean it that way, it happens.

  2. That's the story of my life. Oh well. OK, I did manage the very occasional short-term girlfriend, and even got to living together briefly with one, and even ended up getting married to another for about 7 years. Divorced two years ago, and single again and too old at 58 for it all to be worth the bother any more. Shrug. Dating sites were never much good, either. And neither was speed dating, though I preferred it as a 'method' but it was also entirely useless. And… like buses, several women can turn up at once. When I found that live-in girlfriend many years ago, I also found two others on the same night, each phoning up and wanting to come round to my place. I had to say goodbye to two of them on the spot or else 'cos the third one was already there! LOL.

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