The Truth About Being SINGLE


  1. No one's an introvert or extrovert and no likes someone else trying to tell them something is real or true when it has no truth or proof behind it, that's why I'm single. Some people are all lies, they practicly get high from lying, like politicians.

  2. I am so sick and tired of people and this world trying to make people feel that they need to be married or in a relationship to be happy. Why should anyone this day and age want to be married when the divorce rate in many countries is OVER 60% and the Separation rate is at least 30%.  That's 90% of these relationships and marriages that are NOT working. It's as if MISERY loves company. People who are in these marriages and relationships want to make single people feel bad or like something is wrong with them because they choose NOT to put up with being abused, cheated on, lied to, manipulated, constant arguments and  being taken advantage of. You see so many people putting up a FAKE FRONT like their marriage is so happy. That's the face they put on for the PUBLIC, but behind closed doors 90% of these people are MISERABLE and very UNHAPPY. Just because your partner was good for you this year, does not mean they will be the same next year….Ask yourself, will they be that way next year, a month from now, or even  a week. Relationships ALWAYS start out amazing, but down the road PEOPLE CHANGE and MOST times it’s NOT for the BETTER, which is why the DIVORCE and SEPARATION rate is so damn HIGH. People end up getting stuck and trapped because they gave their best years to this TRAVESTY, or they feel they can’t do better for themselves, so they just have to throw their lives away in MISERY. We need to see more movies, shows and speeches that PROMOTE STAYING SINGLE.   Even the Bible at 1 Corinthians 7:38 states that ‘those who marry will be fine, but those who choose to stay SINGLE will do BETTER.’ I say it is so much BETTER to just get yourself a ROOMMATE that share your same VALUES, MORAL COMPASS and who’ll clean up behind themselves. SINGLENESS is FAR better than being in these LOSER, TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.

  3. I come back and watch this video every couple of months, sometimes because I need to and sometimes because I want to, and I learn something new every time. You create such excellent content!!

  4. Surprise surprise,I'm a twat too,the conundrum is,if two twats made a baby together,what are the possibilities it'll be incredibly normal?
    Have a think about it,I have,and now I've been prescribed xanax.

  5. Toots!  get off your Mount Olympus, you ain't a goddess, just an opinionated, self-centered, entitled woman … you cannot judge people by sight and smell … One More Time:  You ain't ALL THAT !!!   … you'll thank me one day.

  6. This woman and a number of women commenting do not seem to me to be good opportunities for men who are looking for a long term relationship. They rate themselves so highly that you are going to have to be a permanent freaking miracle worker to keep them happy.
    Basically I think their views are totally unrealistic and they seem very self-absorbed – who wants to continually deal with that ?

    I am not saying that they are not interesting people because they are – but frankly for a man other than “friends with benefits” arrangements I think they are best avoided for any greater commitment and kept as friendly acquaintances (sexual or otherwise).

  7. The Statist agenda requires people to be perpetually searching for fulfillment, but never quite finding it. When combined with a miryad of 'traps' throughout our financial, health, legal, political & ideological World, it's a great mechanism for empowering the State & enslaving humanity in unfulfilled hopes. This can all be solved in an instant by going out & buying some more useless sh##, I'm sure!
    You become more aware of this as the decades fly by.
    Sadly, in the circumstances, it's probably best to stay single as men & women are generally far too screwed up to go the distance.
    …….just get a dog & save everyone the trouble. (Preferably a rescue dog, not one from those darn puppy farms, though!!) xx

  8. Everyone is single as long as they are unable to submit and become "one" with another. Just because your married and/or fornicating with someone else does not mean your not single. Submission is key and the over individuality of our society makes more and more people are single even when they are in a "relationship".

    Also you should slow down and articulate your thoughts, your random excessive speaking does not convey a point well.

  9. 1:54 minutes in and I've stopped to sub… don't know what the current slang is for great, but you are it… the bee's knees, the cat's the meow… cheers…. omg, Hannah Witton is down below my comment… I'm so chuffed to be in such great company… Carry On Down The Ganges!! 😀

  10. Im single..and i want to shout out to the world how happy im with my loneliness and going out with my loser friends who are single too .and we do adventurous things knowing deep inside how badly with want to be a relationship 😂😂😂

  11. I've been single for 16 years. I'm hating it, but there's nothing I can do about it bc in fact I'm almost 18, but still not permitted to use Tinder. I cry sometimes and just cover myself with a blanket so I would feel less of the sensation of loneliness and blank. I also just rest my head in the wall next to me still covered with a blanket, listening sad music, having little mental breakdowns, but this pass and I continue with my life.

  12. Being single for men or women is not natural so is not good, its like GM potato, so spotless and big, but has its bad side . The same here. Life is a long path, it may look exciting at any one time. With old age you will realize what you missed. Life gives us only one chance.

  13. I married my money. I get all the satisfaction I need from her. Keeps me warm at night. Feeds me whatever I want. Buys me a variety of beautiful women. She…turns…me…ON. With no strings attached and ! JESSUS TITI FUCKING CHRIST WHITOUT ALL THE JAPPING!!

  14. This is actually a very good video.
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  15. I'm sick of it I just can't meet people who I'm attracted to????? I'm always meeting new people and I'm tired of being alone… But im not about to download tinder and go on a shitty date with someone I have nothing in common with just because society thinks there's something wrong with me for still being single.

  16. whispers you're single because you're an sjw and despite convincing yourself you want a weak beta male boyfriend what you actually want is an alpha or a beta with alpha tendencies. Unfortunately these guys aren't typically interested in people who hate them for their sexuality.

    Hope this helps.

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