the truth about being single & feeling behind in life


  1. People full like they need a relationship to validate their life. I have a friend who is beautiful and has a great job. She is single, don’t have kids and don’t want them or too be married. She’s always traveling and she’s living her best life.

  2. Thank you for that inspirational video Danielle. It's hard for me to admit it at times, but I am 34 years old and single. And have been single all my life never been in a relationship. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

  3. OMG! Thank You! I live in Mexico and the society makes you feel bad if you don’t have a relationship and I thought that I was the only one. So thank you soooo much for talking about this you don’t know how it helped me. Thankssss❤️❤️ I love your videosssss.

  4. Turning 26 in a few months. Havent even been kissed yet yet alone dated. I've been in college for about 7 years now, graduating soon finally, struggling to find a job so I still have to live with my parents. All my friends, including the ones who are younger than me have moved far past me in life. I dont even want to talk to them anymore because it makes me feel worse then I already do. I feel terribly left out, left behind, immature, and unfulfilled. I wish I was able to get back to that mindset of feeling more hopeful. Please keep that mindset!

  5. Just turned 19 and still been single my entire life (not counting a week long relationship at 14 lol) and i feel behind in life romance wise lol but i know ill be fine (hopefully)

  6. Hey Dani. I have subscribed to you for the longest time ever but just recently i have started watching systemically your videos, and i have to say that the work u put into them is so amazing. This video was really comforting and thank u for being so open 😊😊😊.

  7. I need this so much! I’m 20 years old, going into my junior year of college and j have never been in a relationship. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming with everyone around you being in relationships, by it was so awesome to here that there are other people out there in the same situation.

  8. I seriously love your video, Dani! I found your channel about two months ago and I can't get enough. I love how down to earth and sweet you are. I am 23 and I have never been in a serious relationship. Thank you for being so open and honest with us.

  9. Love you girl! This video made me feel so much better, especially when you said you didn’t have your license!! I’m 18 years old and I got my permit late too, like a full year after all my friends in my grade, and I just recently started driving school. I was supposed to take my driving test 2 days ago but I wasn’t ready so I didn’t take it, and yeah it sucks feeling behind but like you said it’ll all happen eventually!!! 💕💕

  10. There’s honestly nothing wrong with being single. I know so many people who’ve rushed into relationships and ended up heartbroken. I work 10 minutes away from Manhattan and meet all kind of people and I’ve been single for 2 years. Why? It’s more important to find the right person than to just have a relationship. Good people take time to find.

  11. I never had a boyfriend until I turned 22 and now we have been together for 3 years. My sister is 31 and has had boyfriends her whole life and is single right now- we are both super happy! Everyone's path in life is different and everything happens for a reason 🙂

  12. woww I relate so much, I have the same mindset. Everything will come at its time, I dont need to pressure things (especially with the relationsship topic, if you’ve never been in one, it has not been the right time yet). and highfive, I’m also 21 and dont have my drivers license, but in Switzerland its also quite comfortable living without car😂🙈 and I’m going on exchange to Madrid in Septemeber, to which uni have u been?

  13. Loved the little speech at the end. I always have the feeling I am behind in life if it comes to relationships, but it makes me feel so much better seeing this video and all the comments! But you are so right about the fact that it happens when it happens and most of the times it happens when you least expect it. I am going to study abroad soon so I wasn't looking for a relationship and at that moment I met a great guy and we had our first date this week. Life is crazy but just enjoy it and everything will happen one day 🙂

  14. Heeyylloow beautiful 🌞
    Well, 2 of your answers matched perfectly mine as well!
    1) Having the driving license. I am 24 and still not have it and as you said it that's okay not to rush the right time meant to you and me will come when the time is right 😉
    I'm also scared to hurt somebody while driving. I love to take the subway or the train the bus even it allows me to be more aware of what's around me that's a breather 😊
    2) Being single, well I have to say that my very first real relationship happened to be 2 years ago it lasted 4 months and honestly after the way we broke up I am not in the rush for another relationship at all and that's okay! I'd rather keep on living my life and get to know me better every day and enjoy it to the fullest. I was torn out 2 years ago, but felt better as the time kept going by. The right person will come when the time is right. I control my happiness and I just won't let anybody take it away 😉
    It's okay to be late building your Life. Life is all about making the most out of it step by step while enjoying those moments of magic, happiness as well so no rush is needed 💖 Thank you for sharing and opening your heart, Love you for being You, beautifully genuine 💛

  15. I honestly needed to hear that. I been feeling down and its kind of the same reasons you mention in this video and listening to you made me feel so much better, thank you dani i love what you do!

  16. I completely agree with you about turning 21, it feels like I can finally be part of the 21+ rooftop bar scene lol. I'm also an old soul so I feel just a little more like myself at this benchmark in life. Awesome vid!

  17. I’m 25 and I haven’t had a boyfriend since 09 during my freshman year in high school so I definitely feel like I’m very behind everybody has a child or are moving out and I’m just here like oh cool.

  18. I needed this video so bad omg im 20 and have never had a boyfriend and i have always felt kind of insecure about it especially because some of my friends make fun of me for it :/ this was great to hear though and made me feel not alone! btw love you and your channel please do more of these <3

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