The Truth About Being SINGLE


  1. I remember when I first watched this and was like wow this is inspirational and then the twist happened and I was like O M G with a smile and my hand on my forehead. This sketch was cute 😍

  2. One of Satan's tactics…to keep you alone and single. This video? How sad, how this portrayal of singles keep themselves satisfied or feeling complete. If they had God in their lives and you believed in God he would bring you a mate that is more tailored for you. Exclude the technology and start getting real and communicate with one another! I've been alone since 2006 for various reasons in which the devil still plays upon my life and makes me feel unworthy for a mate to have. One thing for sure, don't look up to Hollywood or those in positions of power as an example and even to include for a love connection; They are on a whole another level all together that often end up ruining your relationship in the long run.

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