The Truth About NOT Being Single (with Hannah Witton)


  1. THE FEAR is so bad, especially as a 22 year old. My boyfriend and I have both had a few relationships and leant a lot from them, and once we met it was so clear from the start that we work as such a good team! I know that I've met my best friend who I want to spend my life with but can't help worrying often about how massive that is and how young we are. I know only time will tell and you've just gotta go with the flow <3

  2. So interesting! I'm 24, in my first relationship and didn't even really date until the last couple years. All of my friends are either frequently in relationships or still in their long single period, so it's great to hear how you've made the change and how much I can relate to.

    The most surprising thing to me is how easy it is (so far, 6 months in) because my friends who have dated a lot always warned me that being in a relationship is such hard work and I've heard all these struggles over the years, but with my partner it almost always just feels natural.

  3. is it bad that i’m 19 and haven’t really been single since my sophomore year of high school?? but even then i had a best friend who was my whole world and was totally in love with her even though we never told each other or labeled it as more than a friendship ????

  4. I'm currently making the opposite experience. I was in two relationships for 7 years total and am now single for the first time in my twenties… And what I hadn't considered was that, after having been out at night mostly with my partners, I am now used to a treatment (basic human decency, respect, etc.) that I don't receive when I'm out alone as a woman. For the past 7 years I walked around with the facial expression of a dumb golden retreiver. Just open as fuck. I went to a party recently – still smiling like a dummy – and just got harrassed NON STOP. As a single woman, you kind of need a bitch-attitude to get by, because you don't get that instant respect that you get, when you walk into a room with a man standing next to you. -.-

  5. i first watched this video when i had never even dated anyone, and now i'm watching it again having been in a relationship for over a year and the happiest i've ever been! and actually i think alot of the comments you guys make in this video about what a healthy relationship looks like were extremely helpful for my anxious brain to bear in mind when starting to commit, so thank you both so so much!!

  6. I remember watching this when you uploaded. I was single and very sad, because all I wanted was a partner and I thought I lost you two in my team lol
    Now I've been in a very happy relationship for about 6 month and I watch this very much in love and very happy. Funny how things change!

  7. When I first met my boyfriend, he helped me leave an abusive, toxic relationship. For a bit after, we were best friends and we hung out all the time, and then one day I realized “I am so comfortable with slotting him into every part of my life, and he fits so easily, and I would NOT mind being called his girlfriend.”
    Now we’ve been together for only a few months but we spend most days together than not and are planning on moving in together soon.
    At first, I was a bit afraid of being judged as naive or moving too fast, etc etc. but so far there is none of that! Everyone, family included, is very encouraging and optimistic.
    We’re just best friends! And it’s awesome 🙂

  8. This actually is so interesting, when you say about "single time" and that you needed it. Because for a long time, I sought someone, maybe to complete me or fix my sadness but now i'm sort of realising i need to be happy or try and be by myself. Would love to see a video on that subject x. Great video!

  9. Oh it's interesting to see your thoughts on nit being single.. especially since I just got out of a 5 year relationship and feel like i have to explore this new state of being but at tge same time don't know how xD

  10. I find it so hard to be in a relationship and being productive. Also social life sucks, I mean it sucked anyway but now it’s like the little social time I have I don’t get to socialise people just see my bf and just don’t socialise with me. I actually had to tell my bf to not come to an event so I could socialise and talk to people, without them being like ow your in a unit.

  11. Watching this being newly in love after being single for 3 years… I LOVE THIS. I was wondering, is there any way you can talk about being newly in love and dealing with disappointments. You want everything to be perfect and you love this person soo much, but not everything is perfect 100% of the time and I find this really hard to deal with. Does anyone else feel the same?

  12. Nice hearing your perspective about the transition and the importance of happiness in the single years. I've been single for 7 years, and though at times it can be tough when everyone around you is in a relationship, this time has allowed me to be introspective and figure out who I want to be/ am. I don't want to lose that when I get into a relationship, so it's nice hearing thoughts from people who were also very happy in their singleness.

  13. Single for 23 years. Suddenly a boy that I like, likes me. Not suddenly, he's been trying to ask me out for 5 months and I've been oblivious. Now I'm constantly forgetting that we're dating and we do things together. I wanted to talk to him about how my asexuality plays a factor in our relationship either before or after a friend's bday party… I ended up offering to drive another friend to that birthday party… I don't know how not to be single.

  14. Can I contribute two even though I've technically only been in the one relationship? I guess I technically went from being single my entire life (and teenage years) up to that point, but then leapt headfirst into a serious (and very happy and secure and loving) relationship of nearly two years and counting! I feel like people might think that invalidates my experience both of being single and of relationships/dating, hence my worry about posting, but I don't feel like it does, nor am I particularly bothered about what anyone might say about it, I suppose? But I dunno, I guess there are different ways to experience long periods of singleness and then a relationship, is all I really have to contribute 😄😊.

  15. I always say that the best relationships are ones where the people do it not because they NEED to, but because they WANT to. That's why romantic movies and stories and stuff bother me because the people are always doing "but I NEED you," and that is just not healthy (and usually I tell that to the screen when I end up watching them with my friends and/or there's unexpected moments in a movie I thought was safe lol). The biggest problems my boyfriend and I (of 4 years…when did we get old lol) was when we both were struggling with who we were as individuals. He's my first anything and I'm his first…most things lol and the first year or so was probably the most rocky of ours because we had just started college (we met in our orientation group) and both were thoroughly confused with who tf we were there. So we've had our fair share of breaks over the years but we kinda needed them because college was such a weird growing time that we needed to figure out who we were growing into as individuals before being able to be a solid pair. We still have uncertain times but we both know that we always have ourselves to fall back on with our own dreams and goals and lives, which is exactly what we need to work.

  16. I love this video because now I am married and when I first met my husband I was a little nervous about meeting someone who was so perfect for me. I love how you both said you were happy being single because I felt that way too. I wish you both the best in your relationships.

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