1. Not sure why this is focused towards woman, feel like this all could be applied to men to. Been single now for a while and I'm having a blast.

  2. Just a quick question, I found throughout my life my partners and friends have said I am very independent… Is there such a thing and why do men feel intimidated by it. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‘

  3. I needed to hear this. I am in my early 30s and most people my age are married, engaged, or have kids. I do like my life and I'm doing pretty good for myself but sometimes I feel like i'm missing out.

  4. Being single brings me a peace of mind. It protects my energy because the moment you decide to get involved with someone, you will find that your energy starts shifting, going up and down trying to figure out what the hell the other person's intentions are. It's better to stay single and go to bed not worry about anyone but your damn self.

  5. I spent fifteen years sleeping next to a man and felt more empty than I ever felt in my life. I've been sleeping alone since 2016 and yeah, some nights it really sucks, but I just remember nothing was lonelier than laying next to someone claiming they love you, while treating you as if your worth is on part with gum on the bottom of his shoe. I found my worth within. I'm not begging for you to recognize it. I'm not seeking it in men. I'm not hustling for it ever again. I'm going to keep owning it. If that means I'm single the rest of my life, okay. I'd rather be single than to ever, ever, ever settle again.

  6. I am learning, to be satisfied in singleness, you have to accept yourself, forgive yourself, celebrate yourself, and love yourself, and be honest with yourself about yourself.
    Then you can give to others what you have learned to give to yourself.
    Living this kind of life will draw the right kinds people to you. They may be few, but the few relationships will be truly satisfying.
    Because you can truly be you, around people who are not perfect like you, but they celebrate the uniqueness of who you are.And it makes being single,a sacred walk in life, never to be taken for granted. And thanking God for the season of singleness, until your soul mates locates you. And if no soul mate never arrives. You have used your single season to improve others lives, including your life. And your living has not been in vain.๐Ÿ™

  7. Itโ€™s just best to be single now in this generation because itโ€™s TOOOO many obstacles that have been set for no reason at all. So if you arenโ€™t already in a commitment and solid relationship, donโ€™t interrupt your peace with the trash dating going on. Until that man comes along with the likeminded ways and value, keep your peace and center. Single isnโ€™t bad just look at it as time that needs that embrace of Self

  8. Im not sure how to DM on here, but do you have any advice for a person dealing with death of fiance? We had a fight about(his) fidelity 2days before he died, but talked and recommitted to putting our relationship first. Then he got killed. Now I'm having problems moving on. Its been 2yrs. I am in love with a dead guy.

  9. What I like to think when Iโ€™m alone in my apt and not in the company of a man I do soak it in and think – Iโ€™m getting this silence because soon when I got my man and family to care for imma wish for a day of quiet lol so enjoy the solitude!m because the family is coming !! โ˜บ๏ธ

  10. I'm still in my heartbreak state tbh after my now ex bf decided to put us on a break and then two days later broke up.. thanks for your videos, it's helping me get better

  11. I was leaving the hair store & overheard this girl fussing loudly with her boyfriend & immediately was happy about the season Iโ€™m in! I was thinking,โ€ I appreciate not having to fuss with anyoneโ€…granted I know all relationships are trash, but after that last trash one, Iโ€™m good. Singleness is not the plague! Iโ€™m very much alive & doing well!

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