What Being Single at 37 Feels Like - Andy Haynes - Stand-Up Featuring


  1. No lie, I saw a golden retriever for adoption from some site I was directed to from PetSmart. I click on the profile and it’s a golden retriever mixed with a corgi!! Golden retriever head and color, corgi body.

  2. why is my actual life way more sadder than this guy's characterization of his own life? yeah i got a dog in 2012, first year vets' bill, ah just a few grand with an incurable skin condition. i am going to be 48 in a few weeks, it's pretty pathetic when you have been going to the same massage-parlor so long that the same girl's have made the rounds so many times between all the local parlors that you are thinking, "man, can't they get any younger girls" , and they are still a decade younger than yourself. my father had a 2 million dollar life-insurance policy, he decided AFTER being diagnosed with cancer to show his family who's boss, so he cancelled the policy. he sold life-insurance for a living. my reward for joining the army at the start of desert-storm, did not actually go there as the war was 40 days, 100 hours of ground forces, but i did develop an illness where i would later celebrate my 30th b-day by having my colon removed. as for dating, i could not get a date if purchased a calendar, actually aside from those afore-mentioned parlors, i have never been kissed. aside from that when my father died in 1999, because the $ was tied up for a while, i missed out on buying a spider-man comic book for about 20k, that is now worth in the hundreds of thousands. so sorry, can't feel too bad for this guy.

  3. the strategic cuts to audience members that whoever did the editing made (eg. "lesbians"-shows short haired women, "hasidic"-cuts to man w/dark beard & hair) are lazy and presumptuous

  4. I'm 25 and I've kinda known since I was 6 that marriage isn't for me. I would love to meet someone who gets me and truly sees who I am, but I'm not so sure I want that more than my peace of mind. A stress free life is my number 1 goal.

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