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  1. all i no is we al want one thing finacial freedom so besides the control issues we can agree on that itll give us all a chance at that dream if we colaborate an wrk to secure the net an make it safe for all stop the struggle for control guys honesty an trust are all thatwork

  2. Relationships are a lot of work with the potential for a large reward or a large loss.
    Being single requires no work and has no reward . No gain , no loss.

  3. Average cost to raise a child till 18 in USA (values might vary) = 284000
    Monthly cost = 284000÷(12×18) = 1314
    Invested at a 10% annual return for 18 years = 757,000
    One more good reason to not marry 😂😂

  4. I appreciate healthy relationships and seasons of singleness. I think people who are married with the right person have a better quality of life and are happier, but rushing into marriage isn't going to fix someone, if the problems run deep. Many of the older women and men I know, who are single are actually unwilling to accomodate others into their life, because they have become too rigid in their ways. Np flatmates, no partners, they don't have the flexibility to let anyone into their homes peacefully, so they will stay single for good.

  5. From so many views and likes on this subject and after reading the comments I can tell that is true what she said, more people than ever before in many nations around the world are single.

  6. Men have far more to lose from marriage than women do. Women generally don't lose half their possessions she's accumulated even before she got married and have the access to her children restricted because the family courts favor the men over the women by 85%.

  7. I quietly say that staying single is right…yet…allow for the (to current social normality) quietly 'dismissed' reaction to what I quietly say: believe it or not, for each boy, there is one right girl; for each girl there is one right boy…but don't even think about it – just stay your own unique self – 100% self-efficiently and thereby UNIQUELY – work along your own chosen path in life – and doing that – being true to your own self will aesthetically motivate the soul of your one eternal true love. That day may well come about in this life (if not – then the next – whenever…) where you unexpectedly encounter your true love. I'll gently say that when that happens, there will be an indefinable awareness between you two that no-one else will ever even be aware of – let alone comprehend – BUT – you will also experience a quiet, unspoken resentment from almost everyone else in the world about the two of you knowing each other and being together – and neither of you will understand it – but allow for the quiet truth that true love exists for every individual of all life forms of all dimensions – but – the human population is far more primitive than it allows for – 8% of conscious brain doesn't allow much credot for illogical indefinability – and when something 'exists' in their 'logical' world that doesn't 'fit in' with their 'social normality' – it is 'feared' and 'resented' – but – it can never touch what you are each uniquely aware of the existence of.
    I'll leave it at that – be true to yourself – and that will continually manifest the one things that UNIQUELY prevails: All Truth …

  8. Fabulous speech..I am tierd of people telling me how I should feel or believe. I am revering the day I move out of my family home and be independent. I'm tierd of the judgements and stay away ftom those who try to project their beliefs onto me. I was so afraid if being alone not because I hated being alone but because of being fed for years I was nothing if I wasn't married with kids. Well I think I have better morals than those married people and deserve as much value. Why does society do that to people. Marriage was initially invented as a trade off and today it means something different.Who decided that and why should I follow this way of thinking I am my own person.

  9. I just got married in my late 30s and it is for happily ever after! It is facing yourself and your partners imperfections in a daily basis. Being single was much easier!

  10. I agree to most of what she is saying

    I am married but me and my husband spend lot of time apart doing what we like to do and have experienced more personal growth than or married friends who spend all their free time together … But still to make a marriage work we have to do things for each other and thus we also grow together…

    So saying only being single helps us grow is not true many people are single not because they don't like other people but they don't like the responsibility which comes with being In a relationship which means they were not into growth and too rigit to make changes …

    So net net one should only be single if they can be a good partner andyet choose to be single coz they don't want to spend time and energy in relationship

  11. Commitment, duty … Societies today, especially in the west are all about me, my feelings, what I want …should be interesting to see the changes in statistics over the past century …

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