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  1. I relate to what you explained about "I don't like to explain myself". I found out that over the years in relationship a person has t explain oneself. No matter how simple a situation. Which sometimes gets old. 😊 so I could understand some of that part.

  2. I know a lot of cousins in my family who aren't married but have kids with their partners who they were in a relationship with for years and still going strong. You can have kids be a great mom or dad and not be married lol in this generation marriage is overrated.

  3. Marriage is what the government wants. They make laws and give incentives for it. It isn't for everyone and shouldn't be. Plus, there is no normal in the sense she is using it. Normal is a strange word since it really doesn't exist. I am glad I am not normal. This materialistic society is toxic.

  4. Marriage isn't for everyone, neither are kids and there's nothing wrong with that. I completely agree with everything she said. My peace means everything to me and I will not give that up! 💖😊

  5. "I don't really got much to give these days…" I say this and all my family hears is "lesbian". Life is hard enough without being responsible for someone else's happiness.

  6. Ive realised the same about myself. And its so liberating to not live struggling with what i want and what society says i should want.

  7. i dont like u whoopi goldberg.
    lol. getting married doesnt makw you normal… and u said it.. in a marriage u got to give and take… u just want to take with no give

  8. I honestly feel it is a need of mine to have the whole white picket fence..

    I cannot see just not giving to someone else or not having a nice, secure, cozy home with a family that I love. You can be in a relationship without it being suffocating to the extent of it being unhealthy.

    I don't know why people (men especially) equate security or commitment with suffocating or misery.

    Like damn. We are not put on this Earth mainly to live for ourselves. We are here to nurture one another and build a loving community.

    To each their own but stop giving monogamy such a bad name.

  9. Here's how I explain why I choose to and love being single to other people. "None of your dang business." No further explanation needed. If you're the type of person that wants to be in a relationship and get married, fine. Real happy if you reach that, but don't go around trying to degrade or demean people who don't want that. It annoys me how people talk to you like you're evil for being single, especially by choice. Relationships aren't for everybody.

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