1. The editing on this video is 😬 but I’m still figuring out how to work with the new graphics. Lol. Thanks for not getting hung up on this and actually listening it to the content ❤️

  2. When I was pregnant with my first born , my mother and her husband was pressuring ME about why my BD wasn’t marrying me 🙄 like are you serious ??? ASK HIM!

  3. When questions comes up why you’re not married the answer is when are you going to get a divorce? 👍 OK. It’s disrespectful to ask the question and it’s non of their business. First of all you’re not telling me how wonderful it is to be married. And some of these women are asking not out of positive concern, but of hatefulness as a dig to get under your skin. And ladies you know who you are, girrrrrrrrrl she’s not married yet, then the laughing starts. I’ve seen it and do not like it. Now just because you have your husband, do not belittle another women because she is not married. Or try to play it off as something is wrong with you. Take your time with the marriage thing I’ve seen marriages that last 40 years and old boy/girl have asked for a divorce. So we have to be careful how we approach someone else’s life about why they are not married…then you will find the unmarried asking why you’re divorce. Be Bless.

  4. The black culture try to shame black women for being single esp. Not I! I'm happy and have people around me who love me. I don't need a man running off my love circle and trying to keep,me from traveling abroad. In 👍

  5. I think it's odd and ironic that women are asked this question when, if we're talking about "tradition and societal norms", it's THE MAN that must seek out the woman and propose.

  6. I've never asked this question to anyone but have been asked. I know how annoying it can be. I'm a very private person who cringes at societal pressure in all forms. In my opinion everyone should stay in there own lane and not worry about what others are doing. I am very happy being single. I'm in no rush to get married or have children (at 32). If it happens, it happens. If I have to adopt I will. I'd rather wait until it feels right, if it never feels right oh well. At least I'm listening to my intuition. Thanks for speaking on this topic ❤🥰

  7. I wish i were asked this instead I’m asked why don’t I have children(my family poverty driven). I’m a cautious 24 year old who doesn’t just let anyone ejaculate in me

  8. A lot of people that are married aren’t happy. So I don’t even sweat that question….. why be miserable just for the sake of saying you got someone. I am happy from within and with self. It starts with self live before you could ever love anyone else. 😄❤️

  9. How come you’re not married ? Perfect response…. why are you concerned ? Really people need to work on having emotional intelligence and focus on their on lives.

  10. Lol..wow I actually got , hey nobody's married you yet ? Something wrong with these men not you ..i was a bit embarrassed I must say 😏

  11. Omg, yes I’ve been asked this! Damn, why people act like you haven’t been in a long term relationship giving your all, PLAYING the” “wife” role I spent my 10 years w/a dusty just to get taken advantage of and not get married.

  12. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Very good advice.. I pay not attention to what folks say because I’m single,blessed and loving it!! I’m free!! I’m in love with me❤️💯To those that don’t understand or think something is wrong with them. Turn it around something is wrong with them for not understand if your single at any age. Life is good married or single. I’m blessed.

  13. Here's a good one.."You're too attractive to be single.."The thing is..nice looking well kept women see the ugliest sides of men..They quite often get treated the worse than the average or dusty looking woman because so men are jealous of attractive women.

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