1. You will never know if a guy thinks your special if you give " it" up easy. Of course they will say your special if you sleep with them. Wait and see first and see if the guy gets weeded out

  2. So glad u saw your self worth. When u described y’alls “relationship”…I was thinking oh no. She deserves more. And you are right..being by yourself is SO much better than being someone’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, whatever choice.

  3. I love you Brighton… DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS! All of your hard work and knowledge isn’t being ignored. I’ve watched damn near every video on your channel and I will always be such a huge fan!! Please continue to shine ❤️

  4. Ok ok ok… video triggered me cause you really said some shit that I knew but needed someone to say bluntly. I was finally able to let go of the toxic relationship I have been in for almost 2 years. Thank you

  5. Self love yesss I love this! I'm currently on the same journey and I am having the time of my life just loving who I am! Also I believe that a man is ALWAYS ready for the woman they truly want, there is no time for them to get "ready" to put the work in, because a man who truly loves you will drop everything and give his 100% to you.

  6. Do you have a way we can talk to you
    One on one to vent or whatever? I’m just a girl with no one to really talk to and if even patreon or whatever to be able to vent and talk about this dating crap.

  7. I used to feel really empty when I wasn’t surrounded by friends or talking to a guy… the best thing that happened to me was when I stopped talking to guys completely and chose myself over my friends at points. You really have to learn how to be alone to be 100% confident. I’ve never been more self assured and assertive as I am now bc I got time to deal with my own issues and work on bettering myself.

  8. I don’t understand why you would tell the guy from the bar that you won’t be waiting for him after he exhausted his options but you think it’s okay to wait around for 35 year old guy to decide he wants what you bring more than anything else. I know I don’t know your relationship with him and it may be more incredible than I can even fathom but that doesn’t change the fact that even though you with your high self confidence, you are continuing to make excuses for him. Food for thought

  9. You are literally speaking all of my thoughts! I recently went through the exact same thing…was giving way more than what I was getting because we weren’t “official” and he didn’t want to commit. I started to feel really unhappy and like you said..wasn’t fair that I was committing all my time and energy to him and therefore preventing myself from finding a guy who actually wants to be with me. It sucks that it ended but like you said..feels like a weight has been lifted. I feel more sane and at peace and FREE.

  10. I’ve fallen for a fwb… I wanted to be in a relationship but he couldn’t commit, most likely because he still wasn’t over his ex. He would say shit like he doesn’t doubt he could love me and that I would be an a really amazing girlfriend, and he even admitted he’s scared he is missing out on his future wife if he can’t commit to me. He blames it on feeling emotionally numb. Again, it’s most likely because he’s not over his ex. His actions wouldn’t match his words though so we don’t talk anymore, but is it stupid that I secretly hope one day he will realize that he really missed out on me and would reach out again?

  11. honestly when a friend is chasing fuckboys the last thing they want to hear is the self love speech,I thnk most people learn through experience but back to you ,it seems you are chasing guys out your league hun

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