Why I'm Not Afraid Of Being Single


  1. Absolutely loved this! I've been alone so long now, that no man matters to me anymore. I've had thousands of relationships and I always did the giving etc. I just don't want a man no more. They are all the same! I love Being single. Money couldn't buy my happiness now days. I'll be alone til I die, but that's what I want!

  2. ThankYou BTL
    So true for many males and females throughout the world.
    It's great to fall in love
    Beautiful to rise in love
    Wonderful to grow, respect and share with another person during challenging times.
    Love and LightπŸ’—πŸŒŒ
    Love and Light

  3. Damn right ! I enjoy being myself in my own skin and go within with my higher self I can’t afford to be around negative low vibrations make me drained thank you for reminder

  4. Imagine a guy like that,
    I've been alone 23years and forever more. My heart is held together with staples super glue and duct tape. Some staples are missing the duct tape is letting go, one betrayal was more than I could handle my heart will not survive another one

  5. Was be single for 30yrs and raised 3 c children be with GOD'S, and parents help. Never looked back because YOD promised he'd help those no who helped themselves and I tried. Then ended up getting married again to a man who became mental, verbual Ann physical abusuble. Starting the trip again. So happy to be free to be myself and live by myself and family and myself. Love your GOD be and believe in him and you will be be happy!!!!!!!

  6. I am not afraid to be single I am afraid of being with some1 who will see me as an object, who will control me like my brain does nt function. I would rather stay single than be with some1 who will tell me how to dress for him and not for myself. After I have nt seen a grave of a person who decided to stay single

  7. I would rather be single than to be with someone who trys to control who I am…to be with a soulmate would be wonderful, but very rare, mine is still out there somewhere thinking the same things I am. : )

  8. I am not afraid to be single because I have God in me all the time.He is the Core and Center of my Existence.When i found him again after 40 years of absence i give him my complete Faith,Trust,Hope and Faith that this God will never fail me and God will never leave me.When i found him i promise to myself God i will never leave you.He is my constant companion and He is guide.

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