Why Men Really Prefer Being Single


  1. Your so honest real and caring, that's why women are so attracted to you. You just get it unlike most men. My husband included 🤭. Don't Tell him I said that. 😆I love him dearly its just he doesn't get it! Communication is key in a relationship and I believe we need to work on that more

  2. A man would rather be single than to have a woman who really loves him and takes care of him and even takes care of him when he's sick, and she cleans up his piss and puke and cooks for him?
    A guy would rather be single and alone than to have someone like that?? Or he would rather sleep around with a bunch of strangers skanks than to be with one good woman who would do anything for him in the name of love and devotion???

  3. Only an idiot lets his smaller head overrule the bigger one. See Ya ladies, your poon has lost it's power. The 80's and 90's are gone and SO over with STD's and metoo extortion drama.

  4. Always thumbs up my friend. I listened to what you were saying in other videos that you need to ask yourself if your time is worth for the person you are in relationship. Cheers

  5. as you get older you start to tolerate less bullshit with women, most of what comes out of their mouths is verbal diarrhea, im good with remaining single, i get peace.

  6. Is there a gap enough between your lens-frame and Helmet at your brow, to keep from smashing your nose pads and let some air cool your forehead ? O/O°

  7. I needed to hear these exact words today, I just got dumped by my girlfriend because we've been arguing allot lately and I suggested that we talk about things and communicate because communication is important and we have bad habits I think we should work on (like sending abusive texts when we've been arguing etc.)

    The point I wanted to make to her is that, behaving that way is gonna cause us to resent each other in future, and is bad for the relationship, so we should talk about things and try to figure out why we've been arguing so often and talk about how to make things a bit better in future.

    She went off on me about how communication is not important at all and people just need to shut up and get over things and move on instead of trying to talk about things, and that if I'm bothered by the way we argue "that's a you problem" (is what she told me) etc.

    Then she text me saying we're over, she's not a relationship person, she never wanted to be in a relationship anyway but she just fell in love with me and went with it, but she's so unhappy, etc. Etc.

    And she dumped me.

    I needed to hear this video today, it's nice to know someone else (Durianrider) agrees that communication is important and that I'm not just fucking oversensitive and crazy.

    Needed this, cheers mate.

  8. Do you find it more dangerous on the roads in Queensland? You've heard of Jan Frodeno's attack while biking close to Noosa? What is your experience on the roads up North compared to Adelaide?

  9. I'm very happy that you're admitting the mistake of having a public mud slinging match with your ex – it was very unpleasant. It's good to see you evolving – keep it up….Cheers.

  10. DR tells it like it is. One big difference among many bt DR and his haters, is that DR learns from his mistakes like he tells us here in this video. Of course, the beta cuck boys won´t ever have the mistake of screwing too many hot chicks each week bc they make girls run the other way, but they should still get the point and learn from it.

  11. i would say to anyone, don't war online period. not just with your eXes. its too public and gets you distracted from actually inspiring people.

  12. Cairns has a year round warm climate. So lucky that Australia is big enough to have many cities and places to choice from to stay n the warm zone year round.

  13. My son is only 14 and he's got a serious gf. What advice can I give him? I don't want him to make a "mistake" and be a young dad and I don't want that for his gf either. As an adult what advice should I give? Because it's the adults' responsibility around them to help. You're such an inspiration and have the best advice. Keep living the dream 🤗👍❤️

  14. Beta men are the worse. I've been there myself so can completely emphasize with how their delusions about women makes them act sad and pathetic.

    Every man should work on themselves and experience a promiscuous lifestyle, if only short term, it should be mandatory because a dose of reality although painful at first is the only way to learn to truly appreciate women.

  15. I needed this tonight durian. Thank you. If someone doesn't want to communicate with you, I suppose as much as it hurts, and rips your heart out because you dont want to let them go, you just have to move on anyway. A wise man once said, if someone doesn't appreciate your presence then allow them to appreciate your absence. And go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.

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