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  1. I personally don't want to be single.
    I want a successful relationship.
    I'm not giving up. There are good men out there. Just haven't found him yet. Baby if you out there holla back. (Giggles) love your channel.. sometimes your content can piss me of. Like the "top 5 zodiac signs to stay away from". But sad to say it's the truth to a certain extent. Keep doing what you do brother Blessings to you💕

  2. i’m 21 and never dated a soul. I got heartbroken by some girl i thought would be my shawty and after that i learned the truth and learned that you don’t need a relationship to be happy. I’m single and chilling i don’t need a relationship i need success 💯

  3. Thanks for ur content. I also have stopped dating and my friends who are married or in relationships. Constantly congradulate me on my decision. They say "Ant man u doing the right thing u got peace in ur house" sometimes i have to put them out because they don't wanna leave and face their own reality. Keep up the good work ur much appreciated

  4. I was married 30 years and it was a rough marriage so I didn't want anything to do with women for a while but there was still that little thing in me that if love comes my way I would be all in, that's what happened a few months ago

  5. I turn 30 in August. Im tired of BS from people in general. Just do what Im obligated to do, then I just want to be left alone. Im not wealthy, so the only women I can date are my age….no thanks. Its pointless now

  6. Anthony, pls make a Chanel for women. Pleassseee. We want to be the best unfortunately so many desperados out there, who ruin it for the rest of us. Love your work! ❤️❤️

  7. Why is a show like "Catfish" (or "Catfished", whatever the hell it's called) still around? Sure, there are still ignorant, gullible people out there, but just like all "reality" shows, it's scripted nonsense. And what sustains this garbage? The same idiots who fight over toilet paper and lick toilet bowls on Instagram.

  8. Personally it’s been a nightmare dating the modern day woman. Too entitled, too masculine, too selfish, too many single moms, too many whores.. shall I continue

  9. anthony spade i think we both are in same wave length your videos are mostly like i am speaking to my self . and i am from from a south east Asian country i like to share some info with you personaly about the matrix we live in

  10. Attention is the new drug, women are more focused on getting likes from strangers then working on themselves to be better potential wives and mothers. It’s only going downhill from here and there is gonna be an increase in depression and cat food sales in the next coming years from them.

  11. For men to be truly happy and to experience the enjoyment that life has to offer, they has to have a freedom of mind, body, spirit and peace of mind..those characteristics are absent through dating..

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