1. I actually LOVED this video. You two have such infectious, lovable personalities, and you seem like such girls girls! You have such wise, genuine, true advice, and you have such a nice friendship. These wine wednesdays are fast becoming one of my favourite videos to watch. I hope you both find your dream men one day. Lots of love beaut ladies xx

  2. I love your vibe, you're just so angelic and sweet ahhh ♥♥ and i found your channel just yesterday but like already watched all of your videos and i just just checked and what??? Why don't you have million subs already!! Gurl you deserve it i'll be here and watch you grow 💕

  3. It's so great to know what you want – I'm 19 and have been with my partner for a year and a half (best friends for 2 years before too) and we're engaged now and happier than ever. We dont stan time wasters 😂

  4. Absolutely love this you two are so relatable and have the best personalities I feel like I'm in the room with you both can we be best friends please xxx

  5. Currently half way through this but I LOVE this! You two are first of all hilarious but I totally relate to everything you talk about and omg I feel like I'm just sat in the room with you chatting LOVE IT! 💘💘

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