Yes, I'm Single.No, I'm Not Available..  Being Single Best Attitude Whatsapp Status For Boys


  1. Understanding the woman you love, and who loves you is not a deal breaker. Yes, that even applies to an overthinker. I'm not making a judgement based on incredulity…or ego. I am pointing out to you that you just don't pause long enough to keep me out of the toilet flushing. I wonder how we ever would've met if you hadn't walked right in to my living room at the Royal Alexander Apartments on Alexander St. Alexandre? Tell me. If you want to slam the door based on assumptions, atleast objectively reason out why I may be timid now. And your. other lovers have proven corrosive and nasty and then you repeat the pattern which is insane…If you love me, come get me. I'll be up at Walmart after 10pm and home by 11.

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